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A new era is dawning in De Luz and for the winery that draws its name from sunlight.

Wines under the Sol de Luz label will debut in 2020. Meanwhile, its sister brand, Sweet Oaks, also offers varietals grown in Sol de Luz soil.

About Sol de Luz Vineyards

Sol de Luz Vineyards invites wine lovers everywhere to experience the rich agricultural tapestry of De Luz, California. To those familiar with the region’s unique landscape, there is a palatable anticipation for the area’s production of superior quality grapes and expert vintners.

From these bright beginnings will come wines that delight the senses and challenge expectations.

Cultivating almost two dozen varietals, Sol de Luz approaches its craft with passion, authenticity and meticulous attention to detail. The result? Elegant wines distinguished by their complexity, character and incomparable taste.

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