Meet The Growers

Heather Petersen, CEO / Jason Altepeter, COO

Wine Growers

Hailing from deeply agricultural backgrounds in the Midwest, soon-to-be-married couple Heather Petersen and Jason Altepeter, have planted their roots in De Luz, California — home to tranquil, rolling hills of fresh citrus.

The Allure of Temecula

Drawn to the alluring beauty of Temecula’s endless stretches of lush properties, Petersen and Altepeter decided on De Luz to cultivate meaningful work rooted by an intricate, intimate connection to the land.

The work began with Petersen and Altepeter — both entrepreneurs familiar with building successful companies from the ground up — growing grapes as a passion project. With a shared appreciation for fine wines and unique vintages, the couple’s endeavors allowed them to genuinely immerse themselves in Temecula’s deep-seated wine culture.

However, Petersen and Altepeter quickly realized that the uniqueness of the area’s offerings afforded an even greater opportunity — one that the couple believed could only be found in De Luz. With this realization came a vision and shortly thereafter, the couple purchased four properties and planted more than 70 acres of 22 different varietals, comprising what is now Sol de Luz Vineyards.


Sol de Luz, which translates to “sunshine” in Spanish, is an affectionate nod to Petersen’s childhood nickname from her grandfather. The vineyards, located throughout the heart of De Luz, boast a remarkable growing climate and rich soil — characteristics wine growers recognize as essential for yielding viable vines. These vines— in turn— produce grapes that, in the right winemaker’s hands become exquisite wines found only in one place — De Luz.

American Viticultural Area (AVA)

The rarity of De Luz’s grapes, coupled with Petersen and Altepeter’s passion for the community in which they work, inspired the vineyard owners to file a request for De Luz to be established as an American Viticultural Area (AVA). AVA designation offers a rare prestige and notable prominence that is truly representative of the distinct flavor embodied from the area.

With the AVA designation pending, Petersen and Altepeter have high expectations for Sol de Luz Vineyards — expectations they will soon share through invitation only when they debut their first wine club offerings at their wedding this summer.

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